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52 weeks, 52 food parcels, 73 young people helped

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52 weeks, 52 food parcels, 73 young people helped
For as many years as we can remember, we have had a long-standing commitment to support local Charity Base 51 who help disadvantaged young people right here in Sherwood to get back on their feet. About eight years ago, they asked us if we could provide them with some food parcels to give out to young people who were struggling, had no food or needed that bit extra help and we jumped to it.
Since then, we have been providing food parcels every year. This past year, we have provided 52 food parcels, one each week through collections from members and have been told by Base 51 that they have helped over 70 young people who needed it. So successful is the programme that we have pledged to continue our support in this way- at a time when food banks are springing across the region, we know that young people can access food parcels through Base 51 all year round.